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Italian Origins by Aldo Verrecchia ©


Why a manuscript on Italian Origins?  I’m sure there is lots of Curiosities going around at all levels meaning by they could be measured by degree from just a matter of Interest or curiosity to an-in-depth search and real investigative research and could end up with a number of theories meaning (We Guess) or could end up after a long research as so many very talented Practitioners like M.Pallottinni who was the head of Studi-Etruschi who had done lots of research and some of the talented writers like M.Crstofani L.Bonfante.G.Facchetti Helmut Rix, and many others who tried to find out they’re Ethnicities, F.C.Woudhuizen the list goes on, They all did extensive research Im sure of it, I believe unless Its out of print A large book on the Ancient Middle-East By M.Pallottini and all came without results!!! why is that? They were all the best writers on the subject of ancient Italian histories And im sure they led themselves to the best writers on the subject of origins,They probably went first to the archeological spade of the beginnings of the Civilization of the ancient Middle-East. The information on our Italian-origins is what they tried to find out and it was quite futile that theyre research didn’t supply any fruits as there was nothing found that would supply anything in common with the Etruschan language as it was written or the hope of finding something that resembled Ancient Latin could not be found either or ancient Sicili who were connected to the Etruschi they came up empty handed!!not one iota of a hint that woud lead to any results as to the origins of the language or any of the tribes that came to Western Turkey, Crete, or  Greece before reaching Italia, And yet the Italians are mentioned a number of times in the bible histories and much-much more in the record keeping and inventories of the tribes at Nuzi Sumeria (There are Sumerians with Subarrian names) From Ur of the Chaldi, Eric or Warka Which also has the (Title Lungu/Lu-un-gu/Nun-gu, To the Hurri, Nippuurru all the southern part of Babilon from Kuwait and south of kuwait to the Huurri Lands of the Hurri and Na-i-i-ri) tribes At Arrapha And North in Urartu/Na-i-i-ri and the Chaldi to the North also Then there is the Ak-ka-ad-di also mentioned in the bible along with Harran=Hurri/Harrians or Harri who are not only mentioned but take up most of the space in most text-books  then there is the Kaš-ši who ruled Babilonia for 1100 or so years If the researcher of Italian or Etruschi would have researched the records of these tribes just mentioned It would have recognized and resulted in the same titles as the Personal and Place-Names Etruschi and Itali and all the rest of the tribes that make up Italia, Its all in the text books and reading material that anyone could find in the Universities and Public Libraries The shelves are full of them, Why couldn’t these highly talented scholars not see any indications that would lead them to theyre research If we had to go along with Lets say reguarding The Subarri or The Akkaddi Or the Hurri and the tribes of the Naiiri languages
The Authorities or experts on these ancient tribes will tell you that they don’t exist anymore nor deos theyre languages exist- They-The mentioned tribes along with their languages died out, That is what comes out of most of the Assyriologiste that are around to-day and the same point of view was expressed by some of the Doctorates Of Assyriology/Sumeriology of the past They will tell you even all-though they admit to that they don’t know how the the various languages were spoken Eg. Assyrian/Early Babilonian Hurrian/Urartian Akkaddian-Sumerian “There is was one gentleman on You-Tube A highly acclaimed Assyriologist who when asked by his student if he new anybody that spoke Sumerian He the teacher answered that he had a friend who spoke Sumerian!!! And the student proceeded to ask could the professor speak it also He answered that he could and then changed the subject!! Even although this teacher was given lectures This is an example of what passes as Knowledge But how serious this type of approach is not as damaging as the professors who adamantly tell you that there is know way of finding out our origins or trying to trace out heritage and will refute anything that makes sense or a feasibility And yet these  professors have all their faculties and 20/20 vision yet they are still blind as bats, they even try to vocalize logograms when they don’t know who the tribes are or how they spoke They cant or refuse to see what is in front of them and it is all there in the text books !!! Its all in plain-site, All that is required is is just a  healthy intrest in the research and you will end up with the desired results.
If one wishes to ask or make enquiries to our Italian or Etruschan/Eturri Origins be free to do so I will be obliged to try and answer as frankly as possible.


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