Origin of the Irish

The Origins of the Irish By Aldo Verrecchia ©

The tribe that arrived in Ireland was named Tautha  De Danaan
In my research I also found out as to the Origins of the rest of Europe-The Alemanni, The Poles and rest of European Nations and the great pioneers The Irish or Celts/Keltoi which should be mentioned The name Kelti Is revealed in I.J.Gelb in his N.P.N./ Which is Nuzi.Personal.Names. Of the Hurri/And Naiiri Overlords Who are related To the Subarians Of Ur of the Chaldi who were living among the Heberi/Heber It is related to the title the ancient Romans named the Celts People who worship in Groves In fact The priesthood of the Druids Had Twelve Royal stones in their Breastplates which they the priesthood wore at theyre ceremonies and rituals.Did this represent?? The Twelve tribes of Israel!!! And why the connection to Free-Masonry, Weren’t the twelve tribes in Egypt
Kelti also pertains to the worship of Phallic symbols arranged in Groves-Upright trunks of trees or just visit the main squares of our major cities The obelisks you find in London Rome or Washington DC The Grove shaped entrances to our churches and chapels, cathedrals, You will see the stone or metal obelisks in our architecture and places of worship look at the rituals of our royal processions, Its all down to worship of Astarte or Ashtoreth/Istar/Easter-The pagan-goddess of sexual fertility Isis Easter-eggs Easter-bunnies we are still honoring them these pagan customs. Where do you think they came from?
Is it not strange that the tribe of Dan left their name wherever they traveled?
The two main rivers in the region between The Black-Sea and Caspian-seas are named Dneister and Dneiper, The Danube is another then there is the Udon-River Notice The God U=BUR The Storm-god or God of Thunder and what can we get from BUR well of course we result in the Keltic name for Burn A small river Bur-ri= Burri=Burni/Interchange r/n And snip off the vowel at the end How many Irish names have the title Burr/Borr/Burn/Purn/Porn/Forr/FornWorr/Wurr/Wurn/Worn/Murry/Wurry/ Burty/Burdy/Burny/Burly/Murty/Murdy/Murny/Murly/Purty/Purdy/Purny/Purly/
Don’t forget there are variations that are too numerious to mention For Instance the names above Murry or Murray/Murraye is Achieved in original babili Language Is the following Mu-ur-ra-a-a-e=Murraye or Moorraye A=A-A=A-A-A=A-A-A-A  And so on
Results in A-A=Y=A-A-A=Ay or Ya And then there is River Donetzk Iber In Spain is another name the Danite left after their Progenitor Eber, Danites were the first major tribes to arrive in Ireland-Tautha De Danaan Tribe of the god of Dan. Also branches of the Danites are found in Scandinavian countries Denmark or is it Dansmark?
I remember a series of programmes issued by the BBC It was called The Story of English
And when they showed some of the annals of Ireland the About the Sacred Stone Laifail

Now its called Jacobs Pillar-Stone And it was rumored That Jeremiah had arrived in Ireland And when you look at some old maps of Ireland there are some place-names After the scribe of Jeremiah named Baruch/Brach/Brack and don’t forget they also have place-names named after the the deity Baal or Ba-al-la-a The Title is all over Ireland

Hiibferd Ciibferd Chiibferd
Hiibfferd Ciibfferd Chiibfferd
Hiipperd Ciipperd Chiipperd
Hiipberd Ciipberd Chiipberd
Hiipmerd Ciipmerd Chiipmerd
Hiipwerd Ciipwerd Chiipwerd
Hiipferd Ciipferd Chiipferd
Hiipfferd Ciipfferd Chiipfferd
Hiimberd Ciimberd Chiimberd
Hiimperd Ciimperd Chiimperd
Hiimmerd Ciimmerd Chiimmerd
Hiimwerd Ciimwerd Chiimwerd
Hiimferd Ciimferd Chiimferd
Hiimfferd Ciimfferd Chiimfferd
Hiiwberd Ciiwberd Chiiwberd
Hiiwperd Ciiwperd Chiiwperd
Hiiwmerd Ciiwmerd Chiiwmerd
Hiiwwerd Ciiwwerd Chiiwwerd
Hiiwferd Ciiwferd Chiiwferd
Hiiwfferd Ciiwfferd Chiiwfferd
Hiifberd Ciifberd Chiifberd
Hiifperd Ciifperd Chiifperd
Hiifmerd Ciifmerd Chiifmerd
Hiifwerd Ciifwerd Chiifwerd
Hiifferd Ciifferd Chiifferd
Int r/t/d
Hiibbert Ciibbert Chiibbert
Hiibpert Ciibpert Chiibpert
Hiibmert Ciibmert Chiibmert
Hiibwert Ciibwert Chiibwert
Hiibfert Ciibfert Chiibfert
Hiibffert Ciibffert Chiibffert
Hiippert Ciippert Chiippert
Hiipbert Ciipbert Chiipbert
Hiipmert Ciipmert Chiipmert
Hiipwert Ciipwert Chiipwert
Hiipfert Ciipfert Chiipfert
Hiipffert Ciipffert Chiipffert
Hiimbert Ciimbert Chiimbert
Hiimpert Ciimpert Chiimpert
Hiimmert Ciimmert Chiimmert
Hiimwert Ciimwert Chiimwert
Hiimfert Ciimfert Chiimfert
Hiimffert Ciimffert Chiimffert
Hiiwbert Ciiwbert Chiiwbert
Hiiwpert Ciiwpert Chiiwpert
Hiiwmert Ciiwmert Chiiwmert
Hiiwwert Ciiwwert Chiiwwert
Hiiwfert Ciiwfert Chiiwfert
Hiiwffert Ciiwffert Chiiwffert
Hiifbert Ciifbert Chiifbert
Hiifpert Ciifpert Chiifpert
Hiifmert Ciifmert Chiifmert
Hiifwert Ciifwert Chiifwert
Hiiffert Ciiffert Chiiffert
Hiibberth Ciibberth Chiibberth
Hiibperth Ciibperth Chiibperth
Hiibmerth Ciibmerth Chiibmerth
Hiibwerth Ciibwerth Chiibwerth
Hiibferth Ciibferth Chiibferth
Hiibfferth Ciibfferth Chiibfferth
Hiipperth Ciipperth Chiipperth
Hiipberth Ciipberth Chiipberth
Hiipmerth Ciipmerth Chiipmerth
Hiipwerth Ciipwerth Chiipwerth
Hiipferth Ciipferth Chiipferth
Hiipfferth Ciipfferth Chiipfferth
Hiimberth Ciimberth Chiimberth
Hiimperth Ciimperth Chiimperth
Hiimmerth Ciimmerth Chiimmerth
Hiimwerth Ciimwerth Chiimwerth
Hiimferth Ciimferth Chiimferth
Hiimfferth Ciimfferth Chiimfferth
Hiiwberth Ciiwberth Chiiwberth
Hiiwperth Ciiwperth Chiiwperth
Hiiwmerth Ciiwmerth Chiiwmerth
Hiiwwerth Ciiwwerth Chiiwwerth
Hiiwferth Ciiwferth Chiiwferth
Hiiwfferth Ciiwfferth Chiiwfferth
Hiifberth Ciifberth Chiifberth
Hiifperth Ciifperth Chiifperth
Hiifmerth Ciifmerth Chiifmerth
Hiifwerth Ciifwerth Chiifwerth
Hiifferth Ciifferth Chiifferth
Int r/n
Hiibbern/ni Ciibbern/ni Chiibbern/ni
Hiibpern Ciibpern Chiibpern
Hiibmern Ciibmern Chiibmern
Hiibwern Ciibwern Chiibwern
Hiibfern Ciibfern Chiibfern
Hiibffern Ciibffern Chiibffern
Hiippern Ciippern Chiippern
Hiipbern Ciipbern Chiipbern
Hiipmern Ciipmern Chiipmern
Hiipwern Ciipwern Chiipwern
Hiipfern Ciipfern Chiipfern
Hiipffern Ciipffern Chiipffern
Hiimbern Ciimbern Chiimbern
Hiimpern Ciimpern Chiimpern
Hiimmern Ciimmern Chiimmern
Hiimwern Ciimwern Chiimwern
Hiimfern Ciimfern Chiimfern
Hiimffern Ciimffern Chiimffern
Hiiwbern Ciiwbern Chiiwbern
Hiiwpern Ciiwpern Chiiwpern
Hiiwmern Ciiwmern Chiiwmern
Hiiwwern Ciiwwern Chiiwwern
Hiiwfern Ciiwfern Chiiwfern
Hiiwffern Ciiwffern Chiiwffern
Hiifbern Ciifbern Chiifbern
Hiifpern Ciifpern Chiifpern
Hiifmern Ciifmern Chiifmern
Hiifwern Ciifwern Chiifwern
Hiiffern Ciiffern Chiiffern


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