Origin of the Dutch

The Origins of the Nederlanders-Belgians-Luxenbourgers-Norwegians-Danish-    Icelanders-Finns-Estonians-Greenlanders

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Who are the Belgi/Nederlanders-Belgians-Luxenbourgers-Norwegians-Danish-Icelanders-Finns-Estonians-Greenlanders and the rest of the tribes that make Up the Area that is occupied, where all the other tribes who happen to be riding Along with the Allemanni or Germanic tribes and are situated along with the peoples of Luxembourg The Dutch The Francs Or Gaulles (Frankish Peoples) Where did they come from How is it they The Authorities on language find similarities between the German and the rest of Europe and America In fact There are lots of Americans With Irish, Welsh, Scottish, And German, Dutch Belgic, French-Names Who claim not to be related to any of these peoples and claim they have no blood-relations and claim they are from 100% American Ancestries
Could it be they had mixed through all the Tribes of Israel and then emigrated when they found out that the Constitution was about to be signed. If you read Manly Palmer Hall The Secret destiny of America-The original founders fathers of America thought they were creating a New-Israel. The reason the languages are classified As Germanic is If you read some of the samples in my Origins of the British/American blog you will see how easy it is for one language to spill into another language Take another look at  The Origins of the Polish see how easy it is for the use of one logogram and see how much diversity it has built into it and the different ideographic varieties that can be produced as a result The Authorities on languages for instance Classifying As Germanic makes one Shudder in disbelief  Are these Academia or Doctorates of languages the inventors of Languages and if they are not why do  they behave as such these practitioners cant tell you where the above tribes originated from if they do find some Similarities Is because it all came from the same Logograms that you find in Assiriologiste/Sumeriologiste Studies, the reason you cant find the truth About languages!!! It all has to do with the Illusions and Myths that is taught along with all the political biased notions and prejudices and not forgetting The educated fools who repeat and go along with status-quo You will find out the reason that European Histories and Culture is all connected with the original home of the above tribes From Ur Of The Chaldi Where the tribe of Hebrews/Heber/Hapri To the District of the Euphrates and parts of the Na-i-iri land before any Title or them being named Semitic Or Jewish which is Just a fiction The name Jew or Judah Is from The tribe Of Judah One of the sons of Jacob nobody is called Jewish until much later And I mean Hundreds of years later, They are referred to as Bet/Bit=E/É-Šah, Šah=A+Ši-en-ni=Ša-an-ni=Šu-un-ni which has the value- ŠUP/ŠUB/ŠUM=Šu-up-pa-ar-ru=Hu-up-pa-ar-ru= ŠUP/ŠUB=A=Ba-ar-ri The god of the flood or the God of Thunder According to I.J.Gelb Hubbur or Hum-ber Is a Deity of the underground or below the earth This is where the Hebrew language comes from-Sumer and Assyria This is where the Egyptian Culture comes from This Where they originated from Where was the Habiri After Hamurabbi They went north to the Euphratest Along with Harran Or The Naiiri  Tribes, Then they ended up in Egypt That is why The connection With Egyptian Culture that you find in all the main Squares and Pallazzos and Palaces Court-Houses Administration Buildings and offices in Any Government Buildings

Think of it There is none whatsoever any Indication that the above tribes originated in Europa As I said In my Italian Origins There Is Absolutely none-no evolutionary development of a religious culture in Europe that would account for the names-And Place-names of the population of any given major or minor District, City, Town, Ancient or Modern Tribal names to the most-Modern that you find in Look at how many different tribe of Keltic tribes that are around Northern to Southern Europe who are using the Word-Dan/Din/Den/Dun as way marks That is because The tribes of Dan were in all different parts of Israel sharing Borders With most of the other Twelve Tribes of Israel They didn’t all come under the deportation of the Assyrians some of them must have escaped in different routes That’s why you find them in Spain The Iberi are not Spanish The Iberi went enroute of  Spain and happened to be In the district of Iberi As a result of the Influence they named it after the Tribe of Dan Who are Heber/Hebrews and then crossed over to Ireland


Below is a list of Germanic tribes, This out of Wikipedia I wouldn’t take it for granted that they are all German Some of them are English Irish Dutch Belgic Swedish Norwege Danmark Finni Franks Lithuanians Estonians Latvians All these Tribal Names and Place-Names Can all be found in Assiriological/Sumeriolgical studies

The Dutch Belgic Swedish Norwege Danmark Finni Irish Franks Lithuanians Estonians Latvians Along with English Are The Tribes of Israel So that They Are named after the deity Hi-ib-ber-ri/
Ha-ap-pi-ir-ri/Hu-ub-be-er-ri/ Ha-ap-pe-er-ri
Below is just an attempt I will do better when acquainted more with how other tribes use the same titles with different approaches
Hoobbeerr Coobbeerr Choobbeerr
Hooppeerr Cooppeerr Chooppeerr
Hoommeerr Coommeerr Choommeerr
Hoowweerr Coowweerr Choowweerr
Hoovveerr Coovveerr Choovveerr
Hooffeerr Cooffeerr Chooffeerr
Hoombeerr Coombeerr Choombeerr
Hoompeerr Coompeerr Choompeerr
Hoomweerr Coomweerr Choomweerr
Hoomveerr Coomveerr Choomveerr
Hoomvveerr Coomvveerr Choomvveerr
Hoomffeerr Coomffeerr Choomffeerr
Hoomfeerr Coomfeerr Choomfeerr
Hoobeerr Coobeerr Choobeerr
Hoopeerr Coopeerr Choopeerr
Hoomeerr Coomeerr Choomeerr
Hooweerr Cooweerr Chooweerr
Hooveerr Cooveerr Chooveerr
Hoofeerr Coofeerr Choofeerr
Hooviveerr Cooviveerr Chooviveerr
Hoofifeerr Coofifeerr Choofifeerr
Houbbeerr Coubbeerr Choubbeerr
Houppeerr Couppeerr Chouppeerr
Hoummeerr Coummeerr Choummeerr
Houwweerr Couwweerr Chouwweerr
Houvveerr Couvveerr Chouvveerr
Houffeerr Couffeerr Chouffeerr
Houmbeerr Coumbeerr Choumbeerr
Houmpeerr Coumpeerr Choumpeerr
Houmweerr Coumweerr Choumweerr
Houmveerr Coumveerr Choumveerr
Houmvveerr Coumvveerr Choumvveerr
Houmffeerr Coumffeerr Choumffeerr
Houmfeerr Coumfeerr Choumfeerr
Houbeerr Coubeerr Choubeerr
Houpeerr Coupeerr Choupeerr


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