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The national greatness of the United States and Great Britain Is by far unpararelled in all history,

And so has the course of history been affected by these two Super Powers The life’s that have been effected as a result of one of these two great nations-Britain And Principally England and its possessions Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,

When one thinks of the vast possessions and not include the vast areas under control by the British And Primarily the English alone-They also controlled India, Hong-Kong, East-Africa, Rhodesia, Kenya, Khyber-Pass, Gibraltar, Egypt, Suez-Canal, Malta, Crete, Trans-Jordan, Palestine, Tanganyika, Singapore, Nicobar Islands, Ceylon, Straight of Malacca, Brunei, The Gilberts and Solomon’s, New Guinea, Santa Cruz, New Georgia, Hebrides, Bahamas, Bermuda, Barbuda, Antigua, St Vincent, St Lucia’s, Cayman Islands, Honduras, Falklands, There is so much more And when you include the vast wealth and Influence of The United States The control of all the major Sea-Gates by both The control of Panama Canal, Guantanamo Bay, The Hawaiian Islands, Guam, Wake, And so on This has been quite an achievement when you consider the size of this little Island called Britain And Its not so wealthy Brother call America until after 1776 when it gained a lot of its freedoms from the British and increased in wealth.

How did they achieve all these possession of wealth and Influence all this greatness, they have Influenced the entire world with its way of life and freedoms.

The only conclusion I can come to is they have to be of the tribes of Joseph’s two sons named Ephraim and Manasah It doesn’t make sense the promises made to Abrams or Abraham (A Father of many nations ) children would become a small country in the Middle-East surrounded by Arabs fighting for survival, It also doesn’t make sense when he is told to look from the place where he is standing-Northwards, Southwards, Eastwards,Westwards for all the land which though seist to this I will give it and to thy seed forever.

After my studies in Assyriology/Sumeriology and my research into The Origins of The Etruschi and Italians I am convinced that the English and Americans Are of the Tribes of the Habberi/Hapari/Hiippiirre Ect This has nothing to do with a British/Israeli Theory or any other theories of belonging to the tribe of Gomer or they the British being Ciimmerrians although you will find out that it is not a Variation of Samarian which comes from Samaria which was the main capital City in the North of Israeli belonging to the Ten-Tribes of Israeli While The Tribes Of Judea/Judah and Levi and Simeon And part of Benjamin who were sharing the border on in the south with the Ten Tribes to the North Who are called Humri/Omri or Bit-Humri. In I.J.Gelbs Hurrians & Subarians The Fuller titles for Humri/Hapri/Eber/Heber and as expected most titles or names are usually shortcuts of the Logogram’s That’s what tribes do if you study the ancient records of most of the tribes in Assyria we will show just a few as I am not fully aware of the names and place-names associated with England But you will find my approach quite different and far from the Assiriologiste attempt to figure out the languages of the Ancient Middle-East I must warn you before hand the approach may verge and result the titles looking like German or Austrian Titles the reason for that being they-The Assyriani/Habiri/Naiiri/

Hurri/Elam/Arpachuurri/The Hurri At Nippuurri/Ur of the Chaldi/Heberi/ They All Absorbed The Sumerian Culture. That is who they are named or titled after-The God of the Flood and all the Consorts and festivals, Hymns, Rituals, and the whole Family of Deities And all the values pertaining to these Logographic Compositions There is no Alphabet-There is only words Something to be said about the Bible, In the beginning was the Word!!! We haven’t even absorbed that yet.


1 Hu-ub-bar-ri/

Hub-bar-ri/ Hu-ub-ba-ri/Hub-ba-ri

2 Hu-up-pu-ur-re/


3 Ha-a-ap-pa-ri 4 Ha-a-ap-pa-ar-ra-a
5 Hu-up-pi-er-ra/ Hup-pi-er-ra 6 Ha-ap-pi-ir-ri/


7 Ha-bi-ri/


8 Ha-ap-pe-er-r-ra/


9 Hi-ib-be-er-ri
H=C=Ch Ri=Ra=Ru Ri=Ta=Tal-li=Ra=Ti-il-la TIL=Be-el-li
B/P/M/W Are all interchangeable In Assyriology/Sumeriology
1 Hu-ub-bar-ri/


Below Is just a sample I must bring it to your Attention This

sample could seep int German/Dutch/Belgic/Finn/DenmarkSwedish/Latvian-names as they

are part of the ten lost tribes and they all absorbed the

Sumerian culture

Var, H Var, H
Coubbarr/ar Choubbarr Houbbarr
Coubparr/ri Choubparr Houbparr
Coubmarr Choubmarr Houbmarr
Coubwarr Choubwarr Houbwarr
Coubfarr Choubfarr Houbfarr
Coupbarr Choupbarr Houpbarr
Coupparr Choupparr Houpparr
Coupmarr Choupmarr Houpmarr
Coupwarr Choupwarr Houpwarr
Coupfarr Choupfarr Houpfarr
Coumbarr Choumbarr Houmbarr
Coumparr Choumparr Houmparr
Coummarr Choummarr Hoummarr
Coumwarr Choumwarr Houmwarr
Coumfarr Choumfarr Houmfarr
Couwbarr Chouwbarr Houwbarr
Couwparr Chouwparr Houwparr
Couwmarr Chouwmarr Houwmarr
Couwwarr Chouwwarr Houwwarr
Couwfarr Chouwfarr Houwfarr
Coufbarr Choufbarr Houbarr
Coufparr Choufparr Houparr
Coufmarr Choufmarr Houmarr
Coufwarr Choufwarr Houwarr
Couffarr Chouffarr Houfarr
Coubarr Choubarr Houbarr
Couparr Chouparr Houparr
Coumarr Choumarr Houmarr
Couwarr Chouwarr Houwarr
Coufarr Choufarr Houfarr
Int u/o Var, H Var, H
Coobbarr Choobbarr Hoobbarr
Coobparr Choobparr Hoobparr
Coobmarr Choobmarr Hoobmarr
Coobwarr Choobwarr Hoobwarr
Coobfarr Choobfarr Hoobfarr
Coopbarr Choopbarr Hoopbarr
Coopparr Choopparr Hoopparr
Coopmarr Choopmarr Hoopmarr
Coopwarr Choopwarr Hoopwarr
Coopfarr Choopfarr Hoopfarr
Coombarr Choombarr Hoombarr
Coomparr Choomparr Hoomparr
Coommarr Choommarr Hoommarr
Coomwarr Choomwarr Hoomwarr
Coomfarr Choomfarr Hoomfarr
Coowbarr Choowbarr Hoowbarr


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