Origin of the Alemanni

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Believe it or not The Alemanni are descendants of the Assyrians. What the history-books fail to mention is after the capture of and deportation of the ten tribes of Israel They placed a lot of the captured Babylonians in those cities-Once occupied by the Hapiri or Bit-Khumri/Bet-Omri. They also dispersed the Ten Tribes in the same fashion as they did the Babylonians so as to avoid groups from forming any rebellion against its Captures or avoid any cohesion if its enemy desires to retaliate If they are separated they have less to fear from retaliation. If you read what George Rawlinson wrote about the Assyrians-they had the latest and best of technology, They also built the best roads which are still in use today If you look at the portrayals in Bas-Relief and also they’re monuments of the Assyrians you will witness the conquest of war- They were at war with the Babili and also at war with the Naiiri/Hurri tribes and Chaldi to name just a few You can also witness in they’re writings the boastings of Shalmaneser-Tiglath-Pilizer And you can witness in the Bas-Relief’s of Assyrians in War-Chariots They subjugated Whole-Armies they killed Lions single handedly Not only did they build the best roads for commercial purposes but also for the purpose of support for Bigger than large Armies, They had been in Empire building for hundreds of years since around 1750 bc. Look up Luckenbills Ancient Records of Assyria you can get it from your Library

And despite what the classification the Assiriologiste has given certain tribes for instance the Assyriani are classed as Semitic We have become a society of repeaters and labelers it is so ridiculous and laughable it makes you want to cry You will find out in the end All the labels of Groups E.g. Indo-European/Indo-Aryan, Caucasians, Semitic, don’t exist these title have grown-up for Political/Economic-Struggles and religious advantages and for domineering purposes. After 275-300 years The Assiriologiste still doesn’t know how to identify with the tribes that he is studying goes to show what the size of ego the educated have for instance they don’t know how they spoke or If They had any dialects in their language or where they disappeared to after the Babili drove them out, This is the biggest point of all Where did they go? The Babylonians were also building up their forces for retaliation along with the help of the Persians eventually drove the Assyrians out of Babili One of the major towns occupied by the Assyriani was the Almanni/Armani In The Early Dynastic List of Geographical Names we have Ar-ma-ni-i/Ha-al-ma-an in the Dayala District of Babili

They went in the northern districts where they would escape as lots of the cities had member tribes located in the town concurred by the Assyriani And headed west from Between The Caspian and Black-Sea

Pliny also mentions that the Assyrians were located north of the Black-Sea.

In Germania there is a district called Saxony the same name as the tribe that immigrated to Britain that is who the lost tribes were traveling with They’re former captures The Assyrrians/Assiriani.

Ar-ma-ni-i/Ha-al-ma-an Ar=Dal-li
Armanni/ne Armani
Arbanni Arbani
Arpanni Arpani
Arwanni Arwani
Arvvanni Arvvani
Arffanni Arffani
Arvanni Arvani
Arfanni Arfani
Sho-i Sho-n
Armann Arman
Arbann Arban
Arpann Arpan
Arwann Arwan
Arvvann Arvvan
Arffann Arffan
Arvann Arvan
Arfann Arfan
Var t/dT=Th=D=Dh Var h=Ch
Armandi Armandhi Armandchi
Arbandi Arbandhi Arbandchi
Arpandi Arpandhi Arpandchi
Arwandi Arwandhi Arwandchi
Arvvandi Arvvandhi Arvvandchi
Arffandi Arffandhi Arffandchi
Arvandi Arvandhi Arvandchi
Arfandi Arfandhi Arfandchi
Sho-i Sho-i Sho-i
Armand Armandh Armandch
Arband Arbandh Arbandch
Arpand Arpandh Arpandch
Arwand Arwandh Arwandch
Arvvand Arvvandh Arvvandch
Arffand Arffandh Arffandch
Arvand Arvandh Arvandch
Arfand Arfandh Arfandch
Int nt/d Int nt/d Int nt/d
Armanti Armanthi Armantchi
Arbanti Arbanthi Arbantchi
Arpanti Arpanthi Arpantchi
Arwanti Arwanthi Arwantchi
Arvvanti Arvvanthi Arvvantchi
Arffanti Arffanthi Arffantchi
Arvanti Arvanthi Arvantchi
Arfanti Arfanthi Arfantchi
Armant Armanth Armantch
Arbant Arbanth Arbantch
Arpant Arpanth Arpantch
Arwant Arwanth Arwantch
Arvvant Arvvanth Arvvantch
Arffant Arffanth Arffantch
Arvant Arvanth Arvantch
Arfant Arfanth Arfantch
Ar=Dal-li Int n/d/t T/d=t=dh
Dallimanni/ann Dallimanti/ant Dallimandi/and
Dallibanni Dallibanti Dallibandi
Dallipanni Dallipanti Dallipandi
Dalliwanni Dalliwanti Dalliwandi
Dallivvanni Dallivvanti Dallivvandi
Dalliffanni Dalliffanti Dalliffandi
Dallivanni Dallivanti Dallivandi
Dallifanni Dallifanti Dallifandi
Int D/T Int D/T Int D/T
Tallimanni Tallimanti Tallimandi
Tallibanni Tallibanti Tallibandi
Tallipanni Tallipanti Tallipandi
Talliwanni Talliwanti Talliwandi
Tallivvanni Tallivvanti Tallivvandi
Talliffanni Talliffanti Talliffandi
Tallivanni Tallivanti Tallivandi
Tallifanni Tallifanti Tallifandi
T/D=Th/Dh T/D=Th/Dh T/D=Th/Dh
Dhallimanni Dhallimanti Dhallimandi
Dhallibanni Dhallibanti Dhallibandi
Dhallipanni Dhallipanti Dhallipandi
Dhalliwanni Dhalliwanti Dhalliwandi
Dhallivvanni Dhallivvanti Dhallivvandi
Dhalliffanni Dhalliffanti Dhalliffandi
Dhallivanni Dhallivanti Dhallivandi
Dhallifanni Dhallifanti Dhallifandi



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