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Why The New Sumereriology/Assyriology ?? What’s wrong with old ways of teaching the subject in our Text books, Articles, Dictionaries,
Well the most Important of all is that The Language And Tribes of Sumer/Akkaddi/Assyria are unidentifiable We don’t know Who they are and we will never know how they Spoke
Even the Dictionaries of Assyriology don’t give satisfactory results,What are the results so far? I must mention I am great full to the Early Practitioners’ who Attributed the Words to the Signs – or better known Cuneiform Writing as we know it,

The Logographic – Compositions And the Ideographic qualities attached to the signs, A lot of Practitioners’ of the Subject forget And will admit We still don’t know how any of the Tribes of Mesopotamia Spoke and will never find out because they, The teachers And Professors Have carried along with the Findings of previous generations of teachers and resulted in no understanding,!!!

Attached to they’re knowledge, have put limits on themselves and with their Influence and qualification they have influenced everywhere the subject is taught And they feel authoritative to convince that the tribes that occupied Middle-East – From Lake Van To Sumer or Mesopotamia Have died out If that’s the case how did we get here so far-Where did all the tribes that fill up Eastern Asia to Western Europe, Where did they come from !!!/???? What Arrogance! Who has the right to spout out such statements Unless you are a time/traveler to witness the Elimination of these populations !!! Did no one Survive? How does the well educated come up with Such Arrogance, Well Anybody that’s Closed minded who feels he has Everything worked-out and there’s no need for further discussion, You see there is a deep-seated flaw in a lot of the books and teachings of the subject Is They refer to Assyrian/Sumerian as Languages that is somehow spoken, or they go by dictionary definitions,

I have Challenged The best And brightest and sent Thousands & Thousands of E-mails And the Half dozen that did respond NOT A PEEP And they were in possession of my Manuscripts up to Four years to give an Opinion – NOT A PEEP And these are the examples I have been shown by my learned friends Whether it is the Italians/Irish/Or any Peoples That occupies Britain or Europe or Asia They’re Culture did not Originate in they’re home Countries You can tell by the Place-Names And Personal-Names of any Population Occupying Any Country. The Culture Of any country Originates from a Language that is From a Spiritual or Religious Experience, The temples that give The Ancient Middle-East its Place-Names and Personal-Names And languages Is Proof of that’s where It originates The temples reflect the culture,

The Limits have been allowed to happen, by professors behaving like polticians, They have had to much Influence and to much Arrogance Resulting in closing their minds, I respect hard working Professors Like Kramer Or Gadds – A Sumerian Reading Book but there is Much more to a dictionary definition on Sumerian words, We don’t Know The Tribes that Occupies That land or how they spoke to loosely call them Sumerian ? There is lots of tribes using the same Cuneiform language There are Akkaddi/Kušši/E-lam/Subbari/Ur-I./II./III.Dynasties/Kašši/Hurri/Nairi/Aššur/Assyrians/Aram-Nahor or Syria-Which has 35 Sub tribes They and many many more Occupied Sumer and Assyria Then there is Arphaksad or Arpahurru and Turukku And Gutti Tribes The Hapiirri and I can mention dozens more There are Dozens of subtribes of Arpahurru And Assyria, And they expect us to think they the Professors and Practitioners’ of this Subject Have the whole world figured-Out !!! Can you imagine a Donald Trump or any Super Rich who has not only acquired Riches But also Happiness behaving that way, Can you Imagine Anybody from the Fortune 500 thinking like that ! They would never achieve their success, And the heavy emphasis on the Definitions or meanings of the Logograms can not supply to many The Ideographic Qualities because they the Professors or Practitioners’ have it all Worked-Out Maybe It was a Society of Half Human Half robotized, It would have to be If you believe and go along with the Ideas presented in the text-books, Babilonian Societies were filled with class struggles just like our own, can you imagine they all spoke the same or had the same definitions or meanings to the same hundreds of words used by the tribes that occupy The Whole of Mesopotamia Even Hammurabi mentions the complicated languages of the Turrukku-Tribesmen.

The introduction I like to introduce to the person who is interested in the Origins Of Italians Which I have been Working on for many years as a personal project can supply the Information That will astound you by visiting thenewsumeriology.com Best of luck A.Verrecchia

Seldom do we acknowledge that there are many other titles for Sumer/Sumer and Akkaddi, In fact some of the Richest Nobel families of China Are named after Sumer/As are hundreds of Millions of The Chinese Population You could Say The Title China is a form of the title Sumer In order to give you an example we will go to the table below

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