Origin of Chinese
Int K/G/Q
Gi-inci Ge-inci Gi-enci Ge-nci
Gi-ingi Ge-ingi Gi-engi Ge-ngi
Gi-inqi Ge-inqi Gi-enqi Ge-nqi
Gi-inchi Ge-inchi Gi-enchi Ge-nchi
Gi-inghi Ge-inghi Gi-enghi Ge-nghi
Int i/j/e Aft Gi-inc
Gi-ince Ge-ince Gi-ence Ge-nce
Gi-inge Ge-inge Gi-enge Ge-nge
Gi-inqe Ge-inqe Gi-enqe Ge-nqe
Gi-inche Ge-inche Gi-enche Ge-nche
Gi-inghe Ge-inghe Gi-enghe Ge-nghe
Int i/j/e Aft Gi-inc
Gi-incj Ge-incj Gi-encj Ge-ncj
Gi-ingj Ge-ingj Gi-engj Ge-ngj
Gi-inqj Ge-inqj Gi-enqj Ge-nqj
Gi-inchj Ge-inchj Gi-enchj Ge-nchj
Gi-inghj Ge-inghj Gi-enghj Ge-nghj
Ghi-inci Ghe-inci Ghi-enci Ghe-nci
Ghi-ingi Ghe-ingi Ghi-engi Ghe-ngi
Ghi-inqi Ghe-inqi Ghi-enqi Ghe-nqi
Ghi-inchi Ghe-inchi Ghi-enchi Ghe-nchi
Ghi-inghi Ghe-inghi Ghi-enghi Ghe-nghi
Int i/j/e Aft Ghi-inc
Ghi-ince Ghe-ince Ghi-ence Ghe-nce
Ghi-inge Ghe-inge Ghi-enge Ghe-nge
Ghi-inqe Ghe-inqe Ghi-enqe Ghe-nqe
Ghi-inche Ghe-inche Ghi-enche Ghe-nche
Ghiinghe Gheinghe Ghi-enghe Ghe-nghe
Int i/j/e Aft Ghi-inc
Ghi-incj Ghe-incj Ghi-encj Ghe-ncj
Ghi-ingj Ghe-ingj Ghi-engj Ghe-ngj
Ghi-inqj Ghe-inqj Ghi-enqj Ghe-nqj
Ghi-inchj Ghe-inchj Ghi-enchj Ghe-nchj
Ghi-inghj Ghe-inghj Ghi-enghj Ghe-nghj
Int K/G/Q
Qi-inci Qe-inci Qi-enci Qe-nci
Qi-ingi Qe-ingi Qi-engi Qe-ngi
Qi-inqi Qe-inqi Qi-enqi Qe-nqi
Qi-inchi Qe-inchi Qi-enchi Qe-nchi
Qi-inghi Qe-inghi Qi-enghi Qe-nghi
Int i/j/e Aft Qi-inc
Qi-ince Qe-ince Qi-ence Qe-nce
Qi-inge Qe-inge Qi-enge Qe-nge
Qi-inqe Qe-inqe Qi-enqe Qe-nqe
Qi-inche Qe-inche Qi-enche Qe-nche
Qi-inghe Qe-inghe Qi-enghe Qe-nghe
Int i/j/e Aft Qi-inc
Qi-incj Qe-incj Qi-encj Qe-ncj
Qi-ingj Qe-ingj Qi-engj Qe-ngj
Qi-inqj Qe-inqj Qi-enqj Qe-nqj
Qi-inchj Qe-inchj Qi-enchj Qe-nchj
Qi-inghj Qe-inghj Qi-enghj Qe-nghj
And just to throw in another version of the Above
Ci-in-ci Ce-in-ci Ci-en-ci Ce-n-ci
Ci-in-gi Ce-in-gi Ci-en-gi Ce-n-gi
Ci-in-qi Ce-in-qi Ci-en-qi Ce-n-qi
Ci-in-chi Ce-in-chi Ci-en-chi Ce-n-chi
Ci-in-ghi Ce-in-ghi Ci-en-ghi Ce-n-ghi
Int i/j/e Aft Ci-in-c
Ci-in-ce Ce-in-ce Ci-en-ce Ce-n-ce
Ci-in-ge Ce-in-ge Ci-en-ge Ce-n-ge
Ci-in-qe Ce-in-qe Ci-en-qe Ce-n-qe
Ci-in-che Ce-in-che Ci-en-che Ce-n-che
Ci-in-ghe Ce-in-ghe Ci-en-ghe Ce-n-ghe
Int i/j/e Aft Ci-in-c
Ci-in-cj Ce-in-cj Ci-en-cj Ce-n-cj
Ci-in-gj Ce-in-gj Ci-en-gj Ce-n-gj
Ci-in-qj Ce-in-qj Ci-en-qj Ce-n-qj
Ci-in-chj Ce-in-chj Ci-en-chj Ce-n-chj
Ci-in-ghj Ce-in-ghj Ci-en-ghj Ce-n-ghj
Chi-in-ci Che-in-ci Chi-en-ci Che-n-ci
Chi-in-gi Che-in-gi Chi-en-gi Che-n-gi
Chi-in-qi Che-in-qi Chi-en-qi Chen-qi
Chi-in-chi Che-inc-hi Chi-en-chi Che-n-chi
Chi-in-ghi Che-ing-hi Chi-en-ghi Che-n-ghi
Int i/j/e Aft Chi-in-c
Chi-in-ce Che-in-ce Chi-en-ce Che-n-ce
Chi-in-ge Che-in-ge Chi-en-ge Che-n-ge
Chi-in-qe Che-in-qe Chi-en-qe Che-n-qe
Chi-in-che Che-inc-he Chi-en-che Che-n-che
Chi-in-ghe Che-ing-he Chi-en-ghe Che-n-ghe
Int i/j/e Aft Chi-in-c
Chi-in-cj Che-in-cj Chi-en-cj Che-n-cj
Chi-in-gj Che-in-gj Chi-en-gj Che-n-gj
Chi-in-qj Che-in-qj Chi-en-qj Che-n-qj
Chi-in-chj Che-in-chj Chi-en-chj Che-n-chj
Chi-in-ghj Che-in-ghj Chi-en-ghj Che-n-ghj
Int K/G/Q
Ki-in-ci Ke-in-ci Ki-en-ci Ke-n-ci
Ki-in-gi Ke-in-gi Ki-en-gi Ke-n-gi
Ki-in-qi Ke-in-qi Ki-en-qi Ke-n-qi
Ki-in-chi Ke-in-chi Ki-en-chi Ke-n-chi
Ki-in-ghi Ke-in-ghi Ki-en-ghi Ke-n-ghi
Int i/j/e Aft Ki-in-c
Ki-in-ce Ke-in-ce Ki-en-ce Ke-n-ce
Ki-in-ge Ke-inge Ki-en-ge Ke-n-ge
Ki-in-qe Ke-inqe Ki-en-qe Ke-n-qe
Ki-in-che Ke-inche Ki-en-che Ke-n-che
Ki-in-ghe Ke-inghe Ki-en-ghe Ke-n-ghe
Int i/j/e Aft Ki-in-c
Ki-in-cj Ke-incj Ki-en-cj Ke-n-cj
Ki-in-gj Ke-ingj Ki-en-gj Ke-n-gj
Ki-in-qj Ke-inqj Ki-en-qj Ke-n-qj
Ki-in-chj Ke-inchj Ki-en-chj Ke-n-chj
Ki-in-ghj Ke-inghj Ki-en-ghj Ke-n-ghj
Khi-in-ci Khe-inci Khi-en-ci Khe-n-ci
Khi-in-gi Khe-ingi Khi-en-gi Khe-n-gi
Khi-in-qi Khe-inqi Khi-en-qi Khe-n-qi
Khi-in-chi Khe-inchi Khi-en-chi Khe-n-chi
Khi-in-ghi Khe-inghi Khi-en-ghi Khe-n-ghi
Int i/j/e Aft Khi-in-c
Khi-in-ce Khe-ince Khi-en-ce Khe-n-ce
Khi-in-ge Khe-inge Khi-en-ge Khe-n-ge
Khi-in-qe Khe-inqe Khi-en-qe Khe-n-qe
Khi-in-che Khe-inche Khi-en-che Khe-n-che
Khi-in-ghe Khe-inghe Khi-en-ghe Khe-n-ghe
Int i/j/e Aft Khi-in-c
Khi-in-cj Khe-in-cj Khi-en-cj Khe-n-cj
Khi-in-gj Khe-in-gj Khi-en-gj Khe-n-gj
Khi-in-qj Khe-in-qj Khi-en-qj Khe-n-qj
Khi-in-chj Khe-in-chj Khi-en-chj Khe-n-chj
Khi-in-ghj Khe-in-ghj Khi-en-ghj Khe-n-ghj
Int K/G/Q
Gi-in-ci Ge-in-ci Gi-en-ci Ge-n-ci
Gi-in-gi Ge-in-gi Gi-en-gi Ge-n-gi
Gi-in-qi Ge-in-qi Gi-en-qi Ge-n-qi
Gi-in-chi Ge-in-chi Gi-en-chi Ge-n-chi
Gi-in-ghi Ge-in-ghi Gi-en-ghi Ge-n-ghi
Int i/j/e Aft Gi-inc
Gi-in-ce Ge-in-ce Gi-en-ce Ge-n-ce
Gi-in-ge Ge-in-ge Gi-en-ge Ge-n-ge
Gi-in-qe Ge-in-qe Gi-en-qe Ge-n-qe
Gi-in-che Ge-in-che Gi-en-che Ge-n-che
Gi-in-ghe Ge-in-ghe Gi-en-ghe Ge-n-ghe
Int i/j/e Aft Gi-in-c
Gi-in-cj Ge-in-cj Gi-en-cj Ge-n-cj
Gi-in-gj Ge-in-gj Gi-en-gj Ge-n-gj
Gi-in-qj Ge-in-qj Gi-en-qj Ge-n-qj
Gi-in-chj Ge-in-chj Gi-en-chj Ge-n-chj
Gi-in-ghj Ge-in-ghj Gi-en-ghj Ge-n-ghj
Ghi-in-ci Ghe-in-ci Ghi-en-ci Ghe-n-ci
Ghi-in-gi Ghe-in-gi Ghi-en-gi Ghe-n-gi
Ghi-in-qi Ghe-in-qi Ghi-en-qi Ghe-n-qi
Ghi-in-chi Ghe-in-chi Ghi-en-chi Ghe-n-chi
Ghi-in-ghi Ghe-in-ghi Ghi-en-ghi Ghe-n-ghi
Int i/j/e Aft Ghi-in-c
Ghi-in-ce Ghe-in-ce Ghi-en-ce Ghe-n-ce
Ghi-in-ge Ghe-in-ge Ghi-en-ge Ghe-n-ge
Ghi-in-qe Ghe-in-qe Ghi-en-qe Ghe-n-qe
Ghi-in-che Ghe-in-che Ghi-en-che Ghe-n-che
Ghiin-ghe Ghein-ghe Ghi-en-ghe Ghe-n-ghe
Int i/j/e Aft Ghi-inc
Ghi-in-cj Ghe-in-cj Ghi-en-cj Ghe-n-cj
Ghi-in-gj Ghe-in-gj Ghi-en-gj Ghe-n-gj
Ghi-in-qj Ghe-in-qj Ghi-en-qj Ghe-n-qj
Ghi-in-chj Ghe-in-chj Ghi-en-chj Ghe-n-chj
Ghi-in-ghj Ghe-in-ghj Ghi-en-ghj Ghe-n-ghj
Int K/G/Q
Qi-in-ci Qe-in-ci Qi-en-ci Qe-n-ci
Qi-in-gi Qe-in-gi Qi-en-gi Qe-n-gi
Qi-in-qi Qe-in-qi Qi-en-qi Qe-n-qi
Qi-in-chi Qe-in-chi Qi-en-chi Qe-n-chi
Qi-in-ghi Qe-in-ghi Qi-en-ghi Qe-n-ghi
Int i/j/e Aft Qi-in-c
Qi-in-ce Qe-in-ce Qi-en-ce Qe-n-ce
Qi-in-ge Qe-in-ge Qi-en-ge Qe-n-ge
Qi-in-qe Qe-in-qe Qi-en-qe Qe-n-qe
Qi-in-che Qe-in-che Qi-en-che Qe-n-che
Qi-in-ghe Qe-in-ghe Qi-en-ghe Qe-n-ghe
Int i/j/e Aft Qi-in-c
Qi-in-cj Qe-in-cj Qi-en-cj Qe-n-cj
Qi-in-gj Qe-in-gj Qi-en-gj Qe-n-gj
Qi-in-qj Qe-in-qj Qi-en-qj Qe-n-qj
Qi-in-chj Qe-in-chj Qi-en-chj Qe-n-chj
Qi-in-ghj Qe-in-ghj Qi-en-ghj Qe-n-ghj

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