Origin of Chinese
The other titles for Šu-me-ir/Šu-mer-is

1, W/s

Ki-in-ki/Gi-en-ki/ Kin-ki/Gin-ki/


Qe-in-ki/Ge-in-ki/ Ke-in-qi/Ge-in-gi/ Gi-in-ki/Gi-en-ki/ Qe-in-qe/Qi-in-qe/ Qi-in-ke/Qi-en-ge/ Qin-qe/Qi-in-ge

Other Titles for Sumer are

Ki-ik-ki/-In fact some of the early rulers of Assyria/Assur are Titled





One just has to look up any list of Babili personal names or titles

There other ways to Compose Sumer












And if it’s a Scribe from the Tribe of Elamu it will use the most often used Śu Most of their names that begin with the logo S/Š/Z Use – Śu=ŠŠu/SSu/










Which will result in a whole host of Unlimited variations of Titles of the Land of Sumer,

The Asyriologist cant acknowledge this because he or she doesn’t have one hundred percent faith, that why they are afraid and stick to what they have been mistakenly  taught That’s another reason The Interpretations  to the words or Logograms Don’t give you the full story behind any Logo is they don’t know how they spoke Any logo Can produce thousands and Thousands of Variations You think the old adage A Picture is worth a thousand words Well your in for a Surprise!!!

A logogram is worth thousands of Volumes If you want to witness the Quantum qualities of Logograms Visit The New Sumeriology

If we go a bit further out of our way-Ki-in-ki W/s  Ki=Place+Enni=BEL=

EN/EL=Ki-in-ni=Gi-in-ni Ki or Gi=Gi-in-ni/Ki-en-ne=Gi=Gi-il-li/

Ki-el-li That’s what most people reading books on Assyriology or Sumeriology don’t acknowledge That words are Logographic Compositions no matter how small they are There are Skeletal forms And Semi to full  form + Other Compositions that are Religiously attached to that form, to give it other titles or handles The only way that China could have acquired its Culture is they are the other Unidentified tribes of Sumer They have Assyriology/Sumeriology written all over their Place-Names And Personal-Names

I will give an example of  how much latitude the logo GIN Can Achieve
Ciinci Ceinci Cienci Cenci
Ciingi Ceingi Ciengi Cengi
Ciinqi Ceinqi Cienqi Cenqi
Ciinchi Ceinchi Cienchi Cenchi
Ciinghi Ceinghi Cienghi Cenghi
Int i/j/e Aft Ciinc
Ciince Ceince Cience Cence
Ciinge Ceinge Cienge Cenge
Ciinqe Ceinqe Cienqe Cenqe
Ciinche Ceinche Cienche Cenche
Ciinghe Ceinghe Cienghe Cenghe
Int i/j/e Aft Ciinc
Ciincj Ceincj Ciencj Cencj
Ciingj Ceingj Ciengj Cengj
Ciinqj Ceinqj Cienqj Cenqj
Ciinchj Ceinchj Cienchj Cenchj
Ciinghj Ceinghj Cienghj Cenghj
Chiinci Cheinci Chienci Chenci
Chiingi Cheingi Chiengi Chengi
Chiinqi Cheinqi Chienqi Chenqi
Chiinchi Cheinchi Chienchi Chenchi
Chiinghi Cheinghi Chienghi Chenghi
Int i/j/e Aft Chiinc
Chiince Cheince Chience Chence
Chiinge Cheinge Chienge Chenge
Chiinqe Cheinqe Chienqe Chenqe
Chiinche Cheinche Chienche Chenche
Chiinghe Cheinghe Chienghe Chenghe
Int i/j/e Aft Chiinc
Chiincj Cheincj Chiencj Chencj
Chiingj Cheingj Chiengj Chengj
Chiinqj Cheinqj Chienqj Chenqj
Chiinchj Cheinchj Chienchj Chenchj
Chiinghj Cheinghj Chienghj Chenghj
Int K/G/Q
Kiinci Keinci Kienci Kenci
Kiingi Keingi Kiengi Kengi
Kiinqi Keinqi Kienqi Kenqi
Kiinchi Keinchi Kienchi Kenchi
Kiinghi Keinghi Kienghi Kenghi
Int i/j/e Aft Kiinc
Kiince Keince Kience Kence
Kiinge Keinge Kienge Kenge
Kiinqe Keinqe Kienqe Kenqe
Kiinche Keinche Kienche Kenche
Kiinghe Keinghe Kienghe Kenghe
Int i/j/e Aft Kiinc
Kiincj Keincj Kiencj Kencj
Kiingj Keingj Kiengj Kengj
Kiinqj Keinqj Kienqj Kenqj
Kiinchj Keinchj Kienchj Kenchj
Kiinghj Keinghj Kienghj Kenghj
Khiinci Kheinci Khienci Khenci
Khiingi Kheingi Khiengi Khengi
Khiinqi Kheinqi Khienqi Khenqi
Khiinchi Kheinchi Khienchi Khenchi
Khiinghi Kheinghi Khienghi Khenghi
Int i/j/e Aft Khiinc
Khiince Kheince Khience Khence
Khiinge Kheinge Khienge Khenge
Khiinqe Kheinqe Khienqe Khenqe
Khiinche Kheinche Khienche Khenche
Khiinghe Kheinghe Khienghe Khenghe
Int i/j/e Aft Khiinc
Khiincj Kheincj Khiencj Khencj
Khiingj Kheingj Khiengj Khengj
Khiinqj Kheinqj Khienqj Khenqj
Khiinchj Kheinchj Khienchj Khenchj
Khiinghj Kheinghj Khienghj Khenghj
Int K/G/Q
Giinci Geinci Gienci Genci
Giingi Geingi Giengi Gengi
Giinqi Geinqi Gienqi Genqi
Giinchi Geinchi Gienchi Genchi
Giinghi Geinghi Gienghi Genghi
Int i/j/e Aft Giinc
Giince Geince Gience Gence
Giinge Geinge Gienge Genge
Giinqe Geinqe Gienqe Genqe
Giinche Geinche Gienche Genche
Giinghe Geinghe Gienghe Genghe
Int i/j/e Aft Giinc
Giincj Geincj Giencj Gencj
Giingj Geingj Giengj Gengj
Giinqj Geinqj Gienqj Genqj
Giinchj Geinchj Gienchj Genchj
Giinghj Geinghj Gienghj Genghj
Ghiinci Gheinci Ghienci Ghenci
Ghiingi Gheingi Ghiengi Ghengi
Ghiinqi Gheinqi Ghienqi Ghenqi
Ghiinchi Gheinchi Ghienchi Ghenchi
Ghiinghi Gheinghi Ghienghi Ghenghi
Int i/j/e Aft Ghiinc
Ghiince Gheince Ghience Ghence
Ghiinge Gheinge Ghienge Ghenge
Ghiinqe Gheinqe Ghienqe Ghenqe
Ghiinche Gheinche Ghienche Ghenche
Ghiinghe Gheinghe Ghienghe Ghenghe
Int i/j/e Aft Ghiinc
Ghiincj Gheincj Ghiencj Ghencj
Ghiingj Gheingj Ghiengj Ghengj
Ghiinqj Gheinqj Ghienqj Ghenqj
Ghiinchj Gheinchj Ghienchj Ghenchj
Ghiinghj Gheinghj Ghienghj Ghenghj
Int K/G/Q
Qiinci Qeinci Qienci Qenci
Qiingi Qeingi Qiengi Qengi
Qiinqi Qeinqi Qienqi Qenqi
Qiinchi Qeinchi Qienchi Qenchi
Qiinghi Qeinghi Qienghi Qenghi
Int i/j/e Aft Qiinc
Qiince Qeince Qience Qence
Qiinge Qeinge Qienge Qenge
Qiinqe Qeinqe Qienqe Qenqe
Qiinche Qeinche Qienche Qenche
Qiinghe Qeinghe Qienghe Qenghe
Int i/j/e Aft Qiinc
Qiincj Qeincj Qiencj Qencj
Qiingj Qeingj Qiengj Qengj
Qiinqj Qeinqj Qienqj Qenqj
Qiinchj Qeinchj Qienchj Qenchj
Qiinghj Qeinghj Qienghj Qenghj
And just to throw in another version of the Above
Ci-inci Ce-inci Ci-enci Ce-nci
Ci-ingi Ce-ingi Ci-engi Ce-ngi
Ci-inqi Ce-inqi Ci-enqi Ce-nqi
Ci-inchi Ce-inchi Ci-enchi Ce-nchi
Ci-inghi Ce-inghi Ci-enghi Ce-nghi
Int i/j/e Aft Ci-inc
Ci-ince Ce-ince Ci-ence Ce-nce
Ci-inge Ce-inge Ci-enge Ce-nge
Ci-inqe Ce-inqe Ci-enqe Ce-nqe
Ci-inche Ce-inche Ci-enche Ce-nche
Ci-inghe Ce-inghe Ci-enghe Ce-nghe
Int i/j/e Aft Ci-inc
Ci-incj Ce-incj Ci-encj Ce-ncj
Ci-ingj Ce-ingj Ci-engj Ce-ngj
Ci-inqj Ce-inqj Ci-enqj Ce-nqj
Ci-inchj Ce-inchj Ci-enchj Ce-nchj
Ci-inghj Ce-inghj Ci-enghj Ce-nghj
Chi-inci Che-inci Chi-enci Che-nci
Chi-ingi Che-ingi Chi-engi Che-ngi
Chi-inqi Che-inqi Chi-enqi Chenqi
Chi-inchi Che-inchi Chi-enchi Che-nchi
Chi-inghi Che-inghi Chi-enghi Che-nghi
Int i/j/e Aft Chi-inc
Chi-ince Che-ince Chi-ence Che-nce
Chi-inge Che-inge Chi-enge Che-nge
Chi-inqe Che-inqe Chi-enqe Che-nqe
Chi-inche Che-inche Chi-enche Che-nche
Chi-inghe Che-inghe Chi-enghe Che-nghe
Int i/j/e Aft Chi-inc
Chi-incj Che-incj Chi-encj Che-ncj
Chi-ingj Che-ingj Chi-engj Che-ngj
Chi-inqj Che-inqj Chi-enqj Che-nqj
Chi-inchj Che-inchj Chi-enchj Che-nchj
Chi-inghj Che-inghj Chi-enghj Che-nghj
Int K/G/Q
Ki-inci Ke-inci Ki-enci Ke-nci
Ki-ingi Ke-ingi Ki-engi Ke-ngi
Ki-inqi Ke-inqi Ki-enqi Ke-nqi
Ki-inchi Ke-inchi Ki-enchi Ke-nchi
Ki-inghi Ke-inghi Ki-enghi Ke-nghi
Int i/j/e Aft Ki-inc
Ki-ince Ke-ince Ki-ence Ke-nce
Ki-inge Ke-inge Ki-enge Ke-nge
Ki-inqe Ke-inqe Ki-enqe Ke-nqe
Ki-inche Ke-inche Ki-enche Ke-nche
Ki-inghe Ke-inghe Ki-enghe Ke-nghe
Int i/j/e Aft Ki-inc
Ki-incj Ke-incj Ki-encj Ke-ncj
Ki-ingj Ke-ingj Ki-engj Ke-ngj
Ki-inqj Ke-inqj Ki-enqj Ke-nqj
Ki-inchj Ke-inchj Ki-enchj Ke-nchj
Ki-inghj Ke-inghj Ki-enghj Ke-nghj
Khi-inci Khe-inci Khi-enci Khe-nci
Khi-ingi Khe-ingi Khi-engi Khe-ngi
Khi-inqi Khe-inqi Khi-enqi Khe-nqi
Khi-inchi Khe-inchi Khi-enchi Khe-nchi
Khi-inghi Khe-inghi Khi-enghi Khe-nghi
Int i/j/e Aft Khi-inc
Khi-ince Khe-ince Khi-ence Khe-nce
Khi-inge Khe-inge Khi-enge Khe-nge
Khi-inqe Khe-inqe Khi-enqe Khe-nqe
Khi-inche Khe-inche Khi-enche Khe-nche
Khi-inghe Khe-inghe Khi-enghe Khe-nghe
Int i/j/e Aft Khi-inc
Khi-incj Khe-incj Khi-encj Khe-ncj
Khi-ingj Khe-ingj Khi-engj Khe-ngj
Khi-inqj Khe-inqj Khi-enqj Khe-nqj
Khi-inchj Khe-inchj Khi-enchj Khe-nchj
Khi-inghj Khe-inghj Khi-enghj Khe-nghj

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