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In this study of the subject of Cuneiform-Writing, Where we can retrace our history and relate It to the ancient tribes that occupied The Ancient-Middle East From Around Lake Van To the Persian Gulf or Kuwait, Tat whole area that was called Mesopotamia by the Greeks was once Inhabited by the decendent of the peoples of Europe and has been totally neglected by the Teachers and Writers of the subjects of Assyriology and Sumeriology, The subject is taught in its own context without one Iota or relation to the peoples of Europe and America. Studies that take place in the text-books or the classroom cannot relate to anything to the tribes that filled up Europa or anywhere else in the world for that matter The varieties of Tribes Like the various tribes of Etruschi/Italli or Allemmanni and the related tribes of Germanic peoples and the rest of the areas of Europe-Holland-Belgium-Sweden-Denmark Finnland.
Where did all these peoples come from???

Italian Origin’s,
My intention and desire is to point out and to prove that the tribes of Subarians,/ / Lullu or Akkade,// Kassites,// Hurrians,// Nahuru, that you find in the works of ; Assyriology/Sumeriology are Italians e.g.- Etruschi & Italli, Faleri, and plus the rest of the tribes that make up Italia.
I have researched and covered I. J. Gelb. Subarians and Hurrians, Nuzi Personal Names, Nuzi and The Hurrians, by David Owen, /Albert T.Clay’s Personal Names from Cuneiform Inscriptions of the Cassite Period, plus Wiseman, Stephens, and Parpola toponyms, plus others. My conclusions are is that they are all Italiano. All the tribal -names out of the works of Assyriology are Italiano,
The names have to be normalized. I have about 300 place-names, in Urartu / Assyria matching those in Italia and the previous home of the Etruschi, /Greecia, /Acchaia, and of course thousands of personal-names from the above, I have such names as Gigolotto, Caligula, from, Fara e.g.-(the ancient home of the Subaru or Ah-ha.a,) I have names such as, e.g.-Marco-Polo, Seneca, Garibaldi, Zuegg, Grimaldi, Craxi, Vivaldi, Scharromucci, ect, ect, -too numerous to mention, All out of the works on Assyriology covering the periods 2400 bc to around 500 bc, I have place-names such as Tuschano, Pelasqui, Secani, Sicili, Sardi, Friulli, Parma, Achomizza, Azzurra, Civotalli, Turusva, Lulove, Lunga, Longo, ect, ect, They are all out of the works of Assyriology// Sumeriology and the afore mentioned authors, It is buried in the writings and has to be sifted out.!! The language is imbued in the personal and place-names of the tribal members that you find in the catalogues of names that you find in Clay, I.Gelb, Stephens, Wiseman, Parpola, ect ,
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